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29th-Dec-2010 12:00 am - So cute~>W<///
my nekotalia straps have arrived~~ they're so cute///
27th-Dec-2010 06:02 pm - [Doujinshi] Sweet Dreams!
In this cold weather, just wanna share with you ---
this sweet doujinshi~ should bring you warmth (?)~LOL

download here~^O^Collapse )
Just changed to a new layout~

About my new layout~XD(?)
actually... just have nothing to post...:P
these are some of my collections~
am going to scan some of these to share with US/UK fan=w=~

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5th-Dec-2007 11:04 pm(no subject)
Today is dokuro-chan's birthday~!

This picture was drawn by my sister and me.
My sister wanted to draw it so I drew it with herXD
Using a whole afternoon to color....
and now gonna rush to study for the Jap quiz... ORZ.."

If you wanna see the picture XDCollapse )

Have you received candies todayXD?

See the picture:


12th-Feb-2006 10:01 am - wolf wolf is the best!!!
super "duper" kawaii=///=
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2nd-Feb-2006 12:50 am - ANIME >v<////~~
Rozen Maiden Traumend has ended~~~
post some cute and nice pictures of it~~~
will there be a 3rd season~XDD? (I think not ><""")

Love suiseiseki!!! SO KAWAII~

This one is so cute=v=//////

These are boys~~~!!! SO CUTE SO CUTE=V=/////

This one.. I think is quite interesting~~~
But the drawing... seems not as nice as the game version...||

A GL anime~~~ though not really like GL, but this one really looks nice~~~!!!Read more...Collapse )
29th-Jan-2006 12:27 pm - Rozen Maiden Traumend EP12 END...
It just ended like this....= =|||

What happens to souseiseki= =??
Two Barasuishou.....||| One is fake and one is true= =..?

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